So, I tend to have 3+ active works in progress on my knitting needles at any given time (confession: I have 5 currently). I thought I’d just share one at a time, though, mostly so I can feel better about making some more progress on the other ones before I have to share :)

First up is the Cowl Vest by Whitney Van Nes. I’ve made some of the Purl Bee’s patterns before, and they always end up beautiful.

I’m using Noro Kirameki Singles in the Browns-Greys-Rose (158) colorway. I’m not sure if this is still available; I’ve had several skeins in my stash for a while waiting for the perfect project. I like the way this is working up in the Noro. I love working with singles (I have an odd affinity for variegated thicknesses–it feels more organic to me) and the large needle size shows off the color really well. Looking briefly at the finished projects, I didn’t see any other Cowl Vests done in single-ply yarn,** so I was a bit nervous at first, but I think it looks very unique.

It’s just stockinette stitch in the round, but it’s surprising thought-intensive. I had brought it as subway knitting one morning, but you really have to focus when working with yarn this thin on size 6 needles. So this has been Netflix and coffeehouse knitting so far. I have the usual panic I feel when working on sweaters (what if this doesn’t fit right? am I working all these hours for nothing?) but I think it’ll be okay. And anyway, I remind myself, there’s something beautiful about unravelling an object. A gentle reminder of the impermanence of things.


**So, I just looked again and saw there are a few single-ply projects up there, most notably this one by beckybluej which is gorgeous.