The next project in the showcase are a pair of men’s fingerless gloves. These are being knit up in some leftover Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (not a very manly yarn, now that I think about it) in the Moss and Fudge colorways. This yarn has such a lovely hand and is working up into the softest gloves ever.

The only problem is that “softest gloves ever” is not necessarily what you’re going for when making sailing gloves. You see, my husband has a birthday coming up, and there are a few things he really loves. Sailing is one of those things. He has a membership in the New York Sail Club in Weehawken, NJ and spends Saturdays cruising up and down the Hudson or under the Verrazano Bridge in a small Soling with his friend, Erik. He mentioned to me once that Erik had nice sailing gloves–fingerless and with leather grips on the palms–and it planted a seed. My husband never asks for anything knitted, and so I seized the chance.

I’m still working out how I’ll make the palms non-slip. Sew on scraps of leather–but doesn’t that get slippery when wet? I don’t know–let me know if you have any ideas.