Last night, I was knitting on the train back from my Mom’s house at the NJ coast (accompanied by loud, late-night stragglers from the revelry that is Belmar’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade–unfortunately, less “charming Irish chanties”, more “cartoonishly expressive retching”). I stopped to consider the interaction my sister and I had earlier that day, when I whipped out my latest project to knit as we were chatting with some of my Mom’s friends. I think sometimes my sister believes I knit to show off at parties.

So I have decided to compile a list of why I knit.

Note that this is by no means exhaustive.

-To touch something older and deeper and simpler within.

-To feel the honor and recognize the human necessity of making something with one’s own hands.

-To truly know where something came from.

-To wonder at the act of production, something rarely seen (in my world, at least).

-As a spiritual experience: I am by no means a religious person, and yet I feel myself marveling metaphysically at what is the closest I can come to understanding the creation of something from nothing, occurring through the incomprehensible power my hands seem to have taken on.

-To add value in a world where everything else we buy seems to depreciate the moment we bring it home.

-To partake in the ancient ritual of holding a raw material and creating a useful object from it.

-To feel, even when working alone, in touch with a community both in the present and stretching back to my antediluvian ancestors.

Why do you knit?

**Edit: Whip Up just posted a wonderful piece by Guillaume Wolf about crafting that relates very well, and that I recommend you check out.