This post was supposed to go up about five days ago. I’m not going to whine, but let it be known that I am angry at my Asus netbook right now!

KnitPicks is having a yarn sale. Bad news, people. I’ve spent the last two hours pouring over my Ravelry queue picking out the projects I want to make for summer and pricing out an order. I’m up to $305.17–which is a ton of yarn, considering most KnitPicks yarn goes for about $2.99/skein. God knows I can’t resist a sale–and the funniest part is, most of the yarn I’ve picked out to buy isn’t even on sale. But KnitPicks is just so cheap!! (And isn’t it the point of sales to lure us in to look at all the other pretty stuff, too?)

Here’s what I’m thinking of investing in (click on imgs for links):

The adorbs Fleurette Cardigan in Comfy Fingering Yarn (Bison colorway).

The ephemeral Ash cardigan in Aloft Super Kid Mohair (Silver colorway).


The sand-ready Menano Beach bag in Cotlin DK (Linen and Cashew colorways)

And to demonstrate that I can be a sale shopper, too:

A perfect-for-the-office Fleurette Jacket (I'm all about fleurs, evidently) done in City Tweed DK (Brocade colorway). Do you realize that, with this sale, that jacket could be mine for a mere $22.54 + time and labor?! Incredible!