Sorry, no pictures. Not even full sentences. I’m in the middle of a busy week and wish I had more to share. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, though, but not in the literal sense. I’m here to share with you a few springtime resolutions I’ve made to hopefully simplify and streamline my life a bit. Here they are–now please hold me accountable!

  1. No new yarn purchases until I’ve gone through my stash. (note: I keep my stash pretty small since my apartment is also pretty small, so this might not be as daunting as it sounds–about 25 different yarns in varying amounts to work through)
  2. No new “queuing” in Ravelry, at least not for a while. (I’m up to 600+ projects, and I know there are lots in there that I’ll never actually do. So I’m going to slowly go through, clear out the impulse-queues, and order them in such a way that I can actually find a project when I want it. Then I’m going to work exclusively from my queue–no buying books for a while!)
  3. Make a mealplan and stick to it. (I’ve gained a few pounds this winter, and I know a lot of it has to do with the convenience of eating out in this city, coupled with the desire to eat nothing but noodles for every meal. My husband’s waistline hasn’t fared much better. So rather than do some crazy, unsustainable diet, we’ve decided to plan our meals in advance so that we know how much we’re eating, can make our schedules fit our meals, and save some money by not going out for Thai when we don’t have groceries in the house. I’ve planned out a week of meals before with success–but it’s work, and it’s easier to give up and get take-out again!)
  4. Eliminate white flour and white sugar from our diet. (My mom is a holistic doctor. I’ve known for years the evils of wheat and sugar, even told my friends they should stop eating them. And I’m a total hypocrite–I’m completely addicted to candyand carbs. In general, I have no problem with a homemade dessert or a sandwich. However, I really want to take processed sugar and wheat out of my diet. Note that whole wheat, whole grains, turbinado sugar, and non-chemical sugar substitutes [molasses, honey, etc.] are no problemo. That means if I want [whole wheat] chocolate-chip cookies, I can still have them–I just have to make them myself. I’m not giving up sweets–I’m not crazy!)
  5. Schedule in exercise time. (My husband and I are the worst about this. We’re both active people–when we feel like it, which isn’t that often. Mostly we just go for 2 hour+ strolls. We talk about jogging or swimming or going to the gym, and how nice that sounds. Well, I think it’s time we affirmatively set a time in our schedules to go for a run or at least do a few laps up and down the stairs!)
  6. Spend time with knitters. (I don’t have any close friends who knit, so I think it’s time to make some! My LYS has a knitting night [and a cafe–how cool is that!] so I think I’ll start attending. Also, I’m going to try to turn my cousin–who lives nearby–into a knitter! She used to knit when she was little, and told me recently she’d like to learn again. I’m planning a fun knit ‘n’ crochet night with her and my sister [a crocheter]–I can’t wait!)