Knitting. Remember that? Oh, right. That thing I spend practically all my free time doing, and practically no time photographing/blogging. Here’s the update since last we spoke:

Those Hiking Sox? Frogged. I didn’t measure Nick’s feet (since they were supposed to be a surprise) so I estimated measurements, and after the first one I realized that, unless he has really deformed feet (which he doesn’t, fyi) they weren’t going to fit so well. So I frogged ’em. That’s about the billionth project I’ve frogged with this yarn–anyone have any good ideas for what do to with 918 yds of wine-colored Zitron Trekking sock yarn?

Those fingerless sailing gloves? Hibernating. Soon after I wrote that post, Nick’s mom told me she had gotten him professional sailing gloves as a birthday gift…which meant my bootleg homemade ones were gonna look kinda hood next to her’s. And anyway, I was stumped with regards to figuring out a non-slip grip to sew on, so I was kinda happy to be relieved of having to solve that one. So now they’re going to be regular fingerless gloves, to be given to Nick at some point, probably when the weather again turns cold.

That cowl vest? Still plugging along. I’ve knitted 4758493758942379 rows of stockinette in the round on that thing, and I’m only just at the armpits. I have to jury-rig a way to keep the self-stripes flowing the same even though the piece is now worked flat in two pieces (front and back). I think I’m just going to have to pull out another skein of Noro and line it up to the same place in the repeat and work back and forth, using each skein for one row. Sounds annoying, which is probably why I haven’t started that yet. I’m also worried about the length. I added some at the start because I was worried about it being short on me (I have kind of a long torso), but it’s already 21.5″ and, like I said, still at the armpits. That’s, like, minidress length, which might be cool, now that I think about it, or might be horrible. I guess I’ll finish and see how it looks. It’s a good thing I don’t mind frogging (or so I say now).

Next time: New projects! Hat time! Also, a finished work (finally! really!) Stay tuned!