Here’s my other project. It’s a super-fast knit; I started it last night, and I’ll probably finish by tonight (edit: finished it already!) It’s the Dogwood Hat, and I’m knitting it for my cousin’s birthday out of Cascade Yarns Cloud 9 in the Sunflower colorway (so soft and squishy!!). It’s a nice bridge piece–warm enough for the cool spring days we’ve been having, but bright enough not to feel like another winter hat–and the eyelet pattern makes it feel a little lighter, too.

Edit: The only complaint I have is that I should have done another repeat of the chevron pattern. It’s a little short as is, more of a beanie than a useful hat. So I’m in the process of blocking it pretty aggressively now to get some extra length out of it (in a kind of ghetto way–by pulling it over an old juice bottle. What? It works!) Will fill you in on how that goes!