Here it is: the first Finished Object of the blog. I tend to work on so many projects at once (and have such a short attention span) that FO’s are few and far between…until Christmas, when they all get made at the 11th hour. But here is something I just made for me, because I felt like it. It’s the one that got frogged back to nothing and I almost gave up on it then, but I somehow persevered. And I’m glad I did. Introducing…

The Colonnade Shawl! (Excuse the crummy pics and wrinkliness–I blocked it out so nice and pretty, and then wore it for a few weeks before finally remembering to take a few pictures.)

It’s a Stephen West pattern found here, and meant to be knit in two colors. I wanted something simple and warm and grey, though, so the whole thing is out of Berocco Ultra Alpaca in the Gneiss colorway. It’s lovely and warm and wraps around my shoulders comfortably on the cool spring days we’ve been having.

Also, it looks kind of like a manta ray. Which is cool.